Record of Lodoss War Online Maintenance *August 30th*

Greetings Heroes!


Record of Lodoss War Online will be undergoing a scheduled maintenance during the following times:


05:30 PM(PDT) ~ 03:30 AM(PDT).

NEW Update! 


The Shaman has arrived!

The Shaman is an Elf from the Forest of Mirrors in Moss, and lives a time-limited life because of a curse she received from the evil gods in the War against Evil.

The Class is specialized to wear bows, and also summons elementals to fight with her. It uses elementals of life to protect themselves and heal other PC's. It can also attack with Sylph to deal powerful damage in an instant.

The Shaman can advance to either the Elementalist or the Ranger!


Swimsuit Costume Update!

Adventurers! Look forward to checking out the Cash Shop as the new Swimsuit Costume Package hits the shelves.


Lodoss War Online moves to Game & Game GSP Service!

Record of Lodoss War Online moves its' servers to the Game & Game GSP service. Look forward to better connections to the game!



Thank you,