Record of Lodoss War Online Maintenance *September 6th*

Greetings Heroes!


Record of Lodoss War Online will be undergoing a scheduled maintenance during the following times:


- Lodoss War Online Warmup Party EXP Boost Ends.
- Lodoss War Online Warmup Item Drop Rate Boost Ends.
- Lodoss War Online Extreme Attendance Check Giveaway Begins.
- Lodoss War Online Extreme Level Up Giveaway Begins.

- Item Upgrade success chance between +1 ~ +10 will be increased.
- Gold Monsters will drop Rare Items with extra options.
- Artifact: Starry Blessing II will provide higher Monster Elimination EXP
- Artifact: Fruit of Growth(30day) will be provided once per character by NPC Donein, located in front of Adventurer Association in Jackson, Allan, Lloyd.
- New Consumable Shop will be made available from NPC Elisa, located in Adventurer Association.


06:00pm(PDT) ~ 08:30pm(PDT).



Thank you,